The Sacred Felt Collection is an ongoing collection of felts, naturally felted wool mats, created with the intention to bring comfort and support to your daily activities.  Wool has innate gifts of insulation, protection, and support. The designs are inspired by Gaia and the Cosmos, nature and sacred geometry representing. Each piece is hand and foot felted in the foothills of Mt. Shasta, with local eco-domestic wool¸ and pure Mt. Shasta water, and the intention that you have a great experience with your felt!

Enjoy a Sacred Felt for meditation, prayer, and Yoga, especially Kundalini Yoga, as an alternative to sheepskin, or in addition. Felted wool mats are superb for babies and pets, for elders that sit a lot, for massage table covers and any bed. Your Sacred Seat Felt can go anywhere you go; in your car, your work chair, a park bench, or even on a plane, train, or boat…they travel well! Once you have the experience of felted wool in your life, you will find even more ways to enjoy it.

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